At Ardross Primary School students study Japanese from Year 1 to Year 6.  


Students develop skills and strategies for language acquisition as well as a knowledge of contemporary and traditional Japanese culture.  We aim to prepare our students to participate in the Asian Century as a global citizen.


Ardross Primary School and Gunma Kokusai Academy (Gunma Prefecture, Japan) established a sister school relationship in 2015.  Visitimg Gunma Kokusai Academy students visit Ardross Primary School and stay with Ardross Primary School families interacting with our students and their families during their stay. 


Shogi Dojo (Japanese Chess Club)


Shogi is a very popular strategy-based board game in Japan which is similar to western style chess.  Shogi is highly recommended for children looking for an intellectual challenge.  We offer both competitive and social shogi.  Beginners are welcome.


Shogi Dojo is open:


Tuesdays (Rm 19), Thursdays and Fridays (Japanese room) 12:20 - 1:00


Competitions 2016


Summer Tournament (Term 1)

Semester 1 Competition (Term 1-2)

Winter Tournament (Term 3)

Semester 2 Competition (Term 3-4)


Prizes:  Trophies and medals



Kendama Challenge


Kendama is a traditional Japanese wooden toy that helps develop hand-eye cordination, balance and reflexes.  Competition is open till the end of October 2016. 


Shodo Competition


Shodo (Japanese calligraphy) is a form of Japanese art using ink and brush to write on a very thin special hanshi paper.  Shodo competition will be held at our annual Art Blast.