Room 13 Year 1


We began the term preparing for our class assembly. Mrs Mason and Mr De Lacy played for us when we played our three little fishies song. We also had Rose, Jerome, Julia and Ryan providing the accompaniment on the xylophones. The theme of our assembly is water...why we need it and how we can use it wisely.


We visited Piney Lakes with the children from room 10. We learned about some of the animals, native and introduced, which live in the Piney Lakes wetlands. We also went on a bush walk in the lovely sunny weather looking at all the birds, plants and some of the animal habitats along the way.


There have been lots of great activities at Ardross this term. We had science week and book week. almost everyone dressed as a book character or had crazy hair for the day. We were also lucky to have a lady from the local library visit our class, to read four books written by Australian authors. At the moment we are busy practising for the Athletics Carnival, which is on Friday, 16th of September. We will have team games, running races and long jump to do. We hope for great weather!