Room 8 Year 2/3


 English - during Language Experience lessons we have made origami boxes, delicious popcorn, played with bubbles, made balloon buddies and constructed cool lego and rainbow foam houses.
Technology - we created some amazing clothing items last term using newspaper and have just completed putting on the finishing touches to our 3D bedrooms for this term's project. It was great fun working in our teams.
History - we have been researching and creating timelines of historic buildings in Perth in Year 3. The Year 2s created history boxes and presented them to the class. They were amazing!
Yogazoo - we have been learning different animal poses in Yogazoo and our instructor is teaching us how to stretch and strengthen our bodies. We love the relaxation at the end too. Namaste!
Adam Hall and his band came to visit for Musicaviva. We learnt about the different types of instruments and got to stand up, dance and have a boogie. It was great fun! We also had Japanese Day in May. Shogi and fishing were our favourite. What a busy term!